Want Lightweight Digital Piano Keyboards? Avoid Built-in Speakers

Published: 06th September 2010
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We all look for Digital Piano Keyboards with built-in speakers. If it sounds very obvious to you, then be aware that when digital technology is involved, you can have multiple options. One would expect to have speakers in their keyboards and it seems to be a nice to have feature. Keyboards and pianos for beginners do have built-in speakers and it is common on most keyboards.

But there are a couple of occasions where speakers may not be provided by manufacturers on a Digital Piano Keyboard. The first example is where the keyboard model is meant to be portable and lightweight, so it may not have built-in speakers.

High-end Digital Piano Keyboards on the other hand also do not have built-in speakers. The reason here is that such keyboards are meant to be played through external amplifiers. External amplifiers are needed to do justice to the sound quality of such high-end keyboards. Be it studio or stage, you will have to use external speakers / amplifiers.

You can even connect to your home music system and you would still see major difference in the sound, it's just that the highest and the lowest octave sounds may not be very clear. One thing to note is that you can connect headphones to all digital piano keyboards. You can check your keyboards sounds using a headphone before you pass it on to the speakers. Some piano keyboards will actually give you a couple of slots so that you can connect two headphones. You and your teacher can easily practice without troubling the people around you.

The sound can be heard on digital piano keyboards in various ways so you need to be aware of this fact. Whether you need one headphone slot or two, whether you need built-in speakers or not to hear your piano keyboard, are you ready to invest in external speakers, these are some questions that you will need to answer. Accordingly your budget may vary and you can focus on the appropriate Digital Piano Keyboards for your use.

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