Three Best Casio Keyboards (CTK, LK) for Beginners under 200 Dollars

Published: 22nd September 2010
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Want to consider 61 key Casio keyboards to begin learning? Since it is difficult to stay focused when you are searching, here are three options for you to stay focused.

When it comes to a combination of affordability, features and quality, only Casio keyboards can provide you the options for 61 keys keyboard.

I am sure you will be happy to get hundreds of sounds and styles, superior speakers and sound quality, MIDI, sequencer, and much more for your bucks.

These features are perfect for a beginner who wants to start learning to play the keyboards, with some features meant for advanced use as well. Even if you decide to learn from a piano teacher or use learning software, the built-in lessons feature is beneficial for revising and summarizing important musical concepts. So start exploring these 61 key Casio keyboards now.

Option1: The Casio LK 270 61 key keyboard which incorporates guided lights in its keys, is excellent for young beginners and kids for learning. The step-teaching function helps you to learn songs by lighting up the correct keys so that it guides you when you are learning to play a song. Kids will freak-out playing on these keyboards.

Option2: The Casio CTK 2100 keyboard is another model that has been launched recently and continues to do quite well with beginners. Besides the features mentioned above, you also get an audio input where you can plug in a CD or mp3 player to the keyboard, so that you can play along to your favorite song. In terms of cost, it is the least expensive compared to the other three options discussed here.

The third option is Casio CTK 3000, a keyboard with much better sound source and quality, with a number of realistic sounding instrument voices, including that of the piano. Maximum polyphony that you get is 48 notes, enough for playing complex chords and arrangements, without worrying about notes dropping off.

So do you intend to buy a keyboard instrument with decent features that will help you get started on keyboards? These are three options for your consideration if you want to buy affordable but feature-laden Casio keyboards with 61 keys.

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