Introducing the Yamaha PSR s550 keyboard - Review of PSR 550 Arranger Workstation

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Published: 13th October 2010
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A popular beginner arranger workstation is the Yamaha PSR s550 keyboard, here is a review of this arranger. The earlier model in this series was the PSR 550 keyboard, but then the current Yamaha PSR s550b is an improved version.

It is not super expensive and more apt for the serious keyboardist or learner.

The Yamaha PSRS550B is a 61 Key Arranger Workstation with 61 full size touch response keys. With polyphony of 64 notes max, you can play many complex arrangements. The built-in stereo speakers are top quality and produce superior sounds on the PSR S550B.

The Yamaha PSR s550 keyboard has many more features that will help you as a performer, and is priced around 750-800 dollars, depending on the offer.

At your disposal is a huge collection of voices, styles and effects, so you are never short of sounds for your musical ideas. The sound palette includes many realistic voices.

Available is a 16 track sequencer, which is far more than the 9 track sequencer which was available on the PSRS500.

The layout of the keyboard is very Easy to use, in a manner that lets you choose settings with minimum touches.

The Backlit LCD screen is capable of displaying lyrics, chords, and notations on the Yamaha PSRS550B arranger.

You also get USB MIDI for easy connection to computer, and USB storage capability to store and load music on USB devices.

Serious keyboard players or intermediate level players who are looking for an entry level arranger workstation but not willing to spend a lot, can consider the Yamaha PSR s550 keyboard workstation.

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