How To Choose between Yamaha P-95 or P-155 Digital Piano?

Published: 02nd February 2011
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Here is how you choose between the Yamaha P-95 and the Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano for your requirements. Yamaha P Series digital piano are portable stage pianos with built-in speaker system. For guys who have seen and played a lot of professional keyboards, this is surely a deviation from the norm. Usually you don't find speakers in professional keyboards, but the P Series provides and that too without adding too much to the weight.

The Yamaha P Series includes the P-95 piano, costing around $500, and the more advanced P-155 piano, costing around $1000. The p-95 is an adaptable keyboard instrument which can be used for piano practicing. You can even use it to play onstage as part of a band. The Yamaha P-95 digital piano offers true piano touch with pro quality sounds.

For musicians looking for an advanced model in the Yamaha P Series digital pianos, the p-155 provides an excellent buy at a cost a few hundred dollars more than the p-95. An ultra-expressive GH (Graded Hammer) keyboard is what you get in p-155.

Both these digital piano keyboard instruments use AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling system to recreate sounds as close to that of an acoustic instrument. The P-95 comes with 64-note polyphony whereas the P-155 comes with 128 note polyphony. A thin design and nice features is provided to you in an affordable keyboard instrument.

So if you are looking for a stage piano that scores high on quality and is portable, you should consider the Yamaha P Series digital piano.

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