Casio Keyboards - Favorite with Beginners!

Published: 14th October 2009
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Looking for your first keyboard musical instrument? In all likelihood you may end up with a Casio keyboard.

Casio keyboards have been a favorite with first-timers because of their value for money musical keyboards. You can hope to find a lot of features at a lower price compared to its competitors. If you want to start learning the electronic keyboard, you may want to consider a Casio Keyboards.

What are the benefits of owning a Casio electronic keyboard?

Aggressive pricing - Lot of entry level keyboards at lower prices.

More features - Expect to find a whole lot of features. The Full-fingered mode is provided in almost all the electronic keyboards

Mini-Keyboards - Casio also has models with smaller key sizes and less than 61 keys, making it ideal for young kids.

So are there any disadvantages of owning a Casio Keyboard? Not really!
It is just that the perception that Casio keyboards are meant for learners and amateurs. They are not much used for stage performances and professional music production.

Yamaha also produces a lot of electronic keyboards for beginners but they tend to be slightly expensive than Casio. Reason being their sound is slight better than that of Casio. Something that can be ignored if you are on a tight budget and are going to start learning to play electronic keyboards.

What are the various keyboard models that Casio offers? Here is a list of what they offer.

Mini-Keyboards for Kids - smaller size keys and less than 61 keys

Lighted keyboards - 61 keys keyboard for grown-up kids and adult

CTK series - Casio's Standard 61 key keyboards

WK series - Includes keyboards with more than more than 61 keys. Meant
for the advanced learner!
Casio Privia PX series - Elegant digital pianos from Casio

Great deals on Casio Keyboards

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